Differences Between Upper Cervical Care and General Chiropractic

Choosing any doctor can be a difficult decision, but finding one who can properly treat your body’s specific needs is crucial to your wellbeing! When it comes to choosing a chiropractor, considering exactly why you’re seeking treatment is the first step. As a chiropractor specializing in upper cervical care, Dr. Danielle Gray urges those seeking chiropractic care for problems pertaining to the neck or its connection to overall body function to seek out a specialist versus a general chiropractor.

Upper Cervical Care vs. General Chiropractic

Did you know the neck has an influence on the central nervous system, as well as brain stem function? Understanding the difference between both types of chiropractic care begins with understanding the importance of the top two bones located in a patient’s neck.

These two bones control a number of different elements of the body and if they’re out of alignment it can lead to a number of different complications both neurologically and musculoskeletal throughout the body. If these bones are not level, a patient’s shoulders may shift, one leg could become longer than other, and other displacements in the body may happen over time. Neurologically, the misalignment of these bones can compromise the upper nervous system which may lead to headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, sinus issues, asthma, allergies, and even mid and lower back pain. By ensuring these two bones are in proper alignment, it takes stress off of the entire spine and helps the nervous system function properly.

The major difference patients may notice between a general chiropractor and one who specializes in upper cervical care is that a general chiropractor will work in any area that a patient is symptomatic in. In doing so they’re focusing on the mobilization of that specific body part versus finding the root problem which is typically located elsewhere in the body.

Why Choosing the Right Chiropractor is Critical

As with choosing any doctor, you want to ensure that your body and best interests are taken care of. For that reason, Dr. Gray always begins a consultation with speaking to her clients in order to find the cause of the problem of the problem they’re experiencing and how it is connected to the interference in the function of your nervous system and the integrity of your spine. Afterward she conducts several objective tests to check the function of the body’s nervous system, posture, balance, and alignment.

From there, only if she believes your body would benefit from chiropractic adjustments will an x-ray and investigate the chronicity of the misalignment. In doing so, she is protecting her patients from any further unwanted damage to the body versus offering quick pain relief. Most importantly, upper cervical care relies on precision and specificity, so the x-ray will show exactly where corrections to the spine or neck need to be made. Dr. Gray’s adjustments are controlled , using only her hands to adjust the body and perform precise adjustments.

These adjustments do not involve twisting or cracking of the spine which is commonly associated with chiropractic care. The body’s alignment and progress is monitored during each visit to determine if an adjustment is warranted.

Choosing Upper Cervical Care

Although Dr. Gray works with a large number of patients who experience neck pain, she constantly reinforces the fact that upper cervical care is much more than just healing the neck. Correction of the body’s functional source, located in the neck, can treat other ailments such as digestive issues, foot pain, and many other neurological and musculoskeletal issues. She urges those interested to not let their fear get in the way of restoring their body’s alignment and alleviate any chronic pain as upper cervical care is able to restore the body naturally, and most importantly safely.

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