Infrared Sauna Treatment & Benefits

Saunas are an easy way to relax, restore, and sweat! As there are various types of saunas in the medical and spa industries, continue reading to learn more about infrared saunas, their benefits, and how to prepare for your first session at Restore!

Infrared Sauna Treatment & Benefits

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas are actually seven times more detoxifying than regular saunas. Developed in Japan, infrared saunas have been providing various health and therapeutic benefits to individuals across the world for decades. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use infrared lamps to heat your body directly allowing for a deeper cellular detox. For this reason, it operates at a much lower temperature – similar to the feeling of the sun warming your body, but without the harmful effects. By heating your body versus the air around you, it allows for a deeper sweat, increasing your body temperature by a few degrees for a number of different benefits. 

The Benefits of an Infrared Sauna 

Infrared saunas can benefit individuals with various health and medical backgrounds, from professional athletes to those suffering from autoimmune diseases. A few of the most common benefits include:

    • Detoxification– Seven times more detoxifying than regular saunas.
    • Pain relief– Relieve back, neck, and arthritis pain.
    • Weight loss– Burn up to 600 calories per session.
    • Lowers blood pressure- Improve impaired blood vessel function.
    • Improves circulation– Heating of muscles to produce an increased blood flow.
    • Skin purification– Reduce wrinkles and help acne, eczema, psoriasis, and burns.
    • Reduces swelling and inflammation- Improve lymph flow.
    • Boosts immune system- Raise core body temperature, helping to keep the immune system strong.

The infrared sauna’s benefits work toward reaching your wellness goals, no matter what they are! For example, athletes often use the sauna to relieve soreness from intense workouts which allows them to reduce their recovery time in between workouts. The sauna is also a great option for individuals who may suffer from chronic pain, making it impossible for them to work out, but allows them to burn calories and reduce inflammation easily. No matter what your wellness journey may look like, the infrared sauna can help and heal.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

Short answer- absolutely! Infrared saunas are considered safe for anyone who is cleared for exercise, with exception to pregnant women. No matter how long your skin is exposed to the sauna’s lights, it will not burn or damage your skin in any way. In fact, the same infrared lights are also the same used to regulate body temperature for newborn babies in hospitals. The infrared sauna is also safe to pair with other Restore treatments, such as cryotherapy, to take our services to the next level while enhancing your health.

If you have any health concerns about booking your first session, please be sure to contact our team to determine the best treatment plan based on your medical history.

Infrared Sauna Treatment & Benefits

Preparing for Your First Infrared Sauna Session

As with the majority of services offered at Restore, our motto is to “walk in and enjoy!” We do, however, advise that you be properly hydrated before and after your session with electrolytes. Towels and face wipes will be provided for your session- so your only responsibility is to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Within your private room, you’re welcome to complete the session in the nude or with a bathing suit. We do recommend bringing a change of clothes, however there is no need for a shower post-session.


For your first session, we will recommend 20 minutes to ensure that your body is acclimated to the heat and you’re able to get a feel for what a typical session is like. Typical sessions last anywhere between 20-60 minutes as everyone varies in how quickly it takes for their bodies to begin sweating. The ultimate goal of entering the sauna to get your body to a rolling sweat and then stay inside of the sauna for another 20 minutes. The more frequently you use the sauna, the faster your body will begin to sweat. While it is up to you, our team can help recommend and monitor what duration is most beneficial.

During your session, you’re welcome to bring in your phone, something to read, a portable speaker to stay busy, or you’re welcome to disconnect by meditating or sleeping. 

The great thing about the infrared sauna specifically is that it is a low maintenance service where you’re able to do a session and be on your way.

Book now and experience it for yourself!

Any other questions? Dr. Gray and RHLC’s team are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Call our team today: (610) 341-9300

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