Introducing Restore Health & Longevity Center

We’re excited to announce that as of April 2021, we’re combining Restore CryoSauna and Restore Chiropractic to introduce Restore Health & Longevity Center! 

This merging of the two brands is to emphasize our company’s mission that health and longevity are key components in long term wellness goals. Whether those goals are related to everyday wellness or a competitive athletic career, we firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved by quick fixes, rather a mindset dedicated to caring for your body each and every day. In doing so, our community can live their best, and healthiest lives.

Our team felt the merge will allow us to combine our services under one umbrella, to reach health and wellness objectives, whether they be related to chiropractic, cryosauna, or any of the other treatments Restore Health & Longevity Center offers.

You’ll begin to see changes to our identity both in and outside of the office such as on our website and social media profiles. To see updates and more, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

As we start this process, we’d like to take some time and thank our loyal clients for 10 years of support. Without you, this would not be possible and we look forward to a successful 2021 with all of you.

Dr. Danielle Gray 

Clinic Director 

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