“Living with symptoms of Ménière’s disease was very difficult. I had constant tinnitus, hearing loss, and a fullness in my left ear. Treatment was a miracle for me. I only have tinnitus some nights before I fall asleep. Then tinnitus goes away. My hearing improved and the fullness in my left ear is gone. My daily life is so much better now. My mood is better and I get more done. I would advise new patients to stick with treatment. My alleviation of symptoms was not sudden, it took time. I started seeing Dr. Gray twice weekly and now I am maintained with a once monthly visit.”

Marci K.

“Always a fabulous experience! Love cryo, love IR sauna. I suffered with injuries that kept me from participating in workouts I wanted to join, and the series of cryo got me healed to be active again. I always recommend cryo to everyone at the gym to reduce inflammation and feel great.”

After 35 years of practicing Dentistry, my body was in a state of constant pain and rebellion. I was in severe pain with my neck and this was interfering with many of my life style choices. I also had daily throbbing pain from arthritis in many joints, including my hands, hips, legs, back and arms. I started and finished each day with two Aleve. I could not tolerate the discomfort without some daily pain medication. At three o’clock my energy level would drop and I found myself needing coffee and caffeine to continue my day. I was becoming irritable and discouraged from the chronic pain. My Life and my future retirement were not looking so rosy. I started seeing Dr. Gray for Chiropractic on a weekly basis to keep my neck pain under control so I could keep practicing Dentistry. She suggested that I try Cryo-therapy. I was a little scared and skeptical at first, but I soon turned into a true believer and a strong advocate for the Cryo-Sauna. After one freeze week, I started noticing some very positive changes: my arthritic pain disappeared; my neck pain has diminished and continues to improve. I no longer take any pain medication. My energy level has sky rocketed, my mood is happy and my overall feeling of well being is incredible. I can honestly say that I feel 10 years younger! I don’t even need my three o’clock coffee to keep going! In addition to the added energy, I have lost some of that stubborn belly fat and my appetite has been greatly decreased! I thank Dr. Gray for having the insight to bring this highly innovative and effective therapy to our area. It has definitely given me a new lease on life. I am now signed up for the unlimited auto pay plan because I will continue to make Cryo-therapy a long term part of my life.

Maria R.

“Restore is the best! Customer service is great and the staff is very friendly! Whole body and local cryo helps with my inflammation from lupus and eczema. It has a calming effect and makes me feel so much better. I am so grateful to have Restore Cryosauna in my neighborhood. It has been a game changer in my life!!”

David L.

“Great- Super. Service was great. Bad hip, feels a lot better from doing cryo. The people that work here are very nice! Great experience; Lauren is very nice.”

Matt M.

“It was a pleasure to visit Restore. The cryo was amazing and cold which I like. The cryo helps with my depression, anxiety and muscle recovery.”

Josh Z.

“Great experience at Restore! Excellent service always. I never have to wait long to go into the cryo chamber. I also love the infrared sauna. Both are VERY rejuvenating. The Cryo helps me to recover from hard workouts. I also recommend it to my personal training clients to help them recover and fight inflammation in their bodies. To anyone looking to try it: Embrace the cold! It has so many benefits.”

Leigh B.

“Amazing experience at Restore. The staff was so friendly and helpful! I injured my calf and the cryo has helped me with recovery and mobility. I was hesitant at first to try the cryo – but wanted to give it a try as my friend recommended it. So happy I did!”

Shana M.

“The staff was AWESOME! I read about the benefits of the cryosauna and I had to try it. It was a refreshing feeling and I can’t wait to try it again.”–

Pete G.

“Cryo helps me recover quickly so that I can hit my fitness goals.”

Wonderful experience! Using the Cryosauna has improved my autoimmune symptoms and the staff at Restore is so friendly and helpful.

Karen W.

I enjoyed this so much I stayed and did it again. I will be signing up for the package deals. I slept well and woke up energized!

I visit Restore Cryosauna weekly for recovery and rejuvenation from running. As an aging athlete, I was always rundown and sore until I started with Cryotherapy. It is an amazing tool for recovery and re-energizing the body!