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If you’re like many of our patients, you’ve been suffering from daily headaches or migraines for years or perhaps decades. Whether you’re under stress, have high blood pressure or had a head injury, there are many reasons why you may have a headache.

Some people also get headaches due to consuming certain foods such as gluten or drinks such as red wine.

You may be tired of taking daily doses of over-the-counter medication or even prescription painkillers to get rid of your headaches. The good news is there is natural help available to alleviate your pain.

But first, let’s look at the different types of headaches and some of the causes.

Types of Headaches

These severe headaches may be constant or throbbing. The headaches can be accompanied by a burning or piercing sensation around or behind your eye. On the side where you have pain, your eye may redden, your eyelid droop and your pupil will get smaller. The name comes from the fact that these headaches often occur in groups.
Your pain can range from mild to intense and be located behind your eyes, in your head or your neck. People often report having a feeling like a tight band is around their forehead.
This throbbing, pounding pain can last from hours to even days. Light sensitivity and a feeling of nausea can occur. Those with migraines are often unable to complete everyday tasks due to their severe discomfort.

How Interference Can Contribute to Headaches

The spine and the vertebra of the spine wrap around and protect the nervous system. It’s important to understand that these “triggers” don’t cause the headaches. The triggers increase the swelling of the blood vessels around the brain stem area. Setting up a chain reaction that results in a headache. If the upper cervical region is compromised because of the misalignment then there is less room for error. If there’s a compromise there or interference in the nervous system, specifically at the top two bones of the neck (C1 and C2), it can cause the signal not to be functioning optimally. As a hard-wired versus a wireless system of the body, the nervous system must be clear of interference to keep the body healthy.

Headaches can result when too much information travels up and down between the brain and the body or not enough information is relayed up or down from the brain and the body. Most neurologists and other physicians don’t look to the structure of the spine to see if that could be creating the headaches.

Our Natural Approach to Providing Relief

When it comes to headache relief, often people reflexively reach for over-the-counter medications yet don’t find the relief they’re seeking. Drugs just mask symptoms and don’t get to the root of why you’re getting headaches. Dr. Gray can perform a simple check to ensure that your spine is in alignment. If it’s not, the resulting neurological interference could be what’s causing your pain. A correction to the spine can provide relief from your headaches.

Posture and Ergonomics

Dr. Gray also talks to patients about the importance of keeping the body in a neutral position. Many people have a forward head tilt, or they’re hunching over their digital devices such as their smartphones or laptops. So many people today are on their phones and computers for extended periods, and those types of activities can have a significant impact on the formation of headaches. Did you know that for every inch forward your head is off-center it’s an extra 10-12 pounds of pressure at the base of your cervical spine? We also talk about ergonomics and how to use your body when doing household chores such as vacuuming or toting your groceries inside.
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