Looking to supercharge your recovery from injury or surgery?

therapy1In previous posts, we have discussed the powerful, systemic health benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy.  With this post, I’m excited to introduce our local cryotherapy machine.  Local cryotherapy is an effective modality to treat acute and chronic injuries and is an excellent way to speed up post surgical recovery.   The localized treatment addresses targeted body parts such as the face, hands, wrists, elbows, knees, hips, hamstrings, ankles, feet and back.

Localized cryotherapy is far more effective than regular icing because of cryostimulation.  Icing simply reduces the activity of the area and does not promote healing. Icing slows blood flow thereby reducing swelling. Cryostimulation triggers the thermoreceptors at the area of treatment.  The extreme cold triggers a powerful vasoconstriction in order to regulate the body’s temperature.  This natural body response sends a rush of blood, up to 4 times faster, to the area.

After the treatment, when the body no longer senses the danger of freezing, the replenished blood, filled with oxygen and anti-inflammatory nutrients, rushes back to the area rapidly. The body then flushes the tissue of unwanted, excessive fluid and toxins such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.  This process helps to reduce inflammation at the site of injury.  This reduction in paininflammation helps to improve range of motion and boost the body’s natural recovery mechanisms. The targeted local cryotherapy also generates analgesic effects and relaxes muscle spasms providing instant pain relief. Local cryotherapy accelerates healing for muscle and joint repair while it provides much needed pain relief.

Looking to supercharge your recovery?  Try one whole body and one local treatment per day.  Ask us about our Refresh Package (4 sessions in 4 days) or our Rejuvenate Package (10 sessions in 2 weeks).

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