No Time For Down Time But Still Want to Look Younger and Fight Aging?

lovely middle aged woman sitting at the parkIt is possible to reverse the signs of aging, but instead of chasing the symptoms, let’s talk about the root cause. Inflammation is everywhere and chronic inflammation has become a real health crisis in the United States. Inflammaging is the unfortunate unnecessarily accelerated aging caused by chronic inflammation. Increasing evidence points to inflammation as the root cause of wrinkles, skin elasticity decline, uneven complexion, puffiness, dark circles and crepey skin. Further aging signs are caused by a decrease in collagen. Collagen is the wrinkle preventative protein in our skin that keeps it looking young and supple. Think of collagen as the skin’s structure. A good strong structure will keep the skin elastic and supple. As we age, the proportion of collagen changes which creates the appearance of aging.

Instead of treating from the outside in, consider treating from the inside out treating the cause of inflammation. Local cryotherapy eliminates inflammation and stimulates collagen production, reducing the signs of aging. Immediately, it also will tighten pores, making you look refreshed and more awake. With just a few treatments, local cryotherapy will improve overall skin quality with the boosted collagen and decreased inflammation. The best part is that the treatment is 12 minutes, you can wear make-up and there is no down time! therapy-2
Questions about whole body or local cryotherapy? Is it the right treatment for you? Ask Dr. Gray via email at drgray@restorecryosauna.com or call 610-341-9300.

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