Golfer’s are on par with Whole Body Cryotherapy

golfer-golfing golf blog pictureLove to play 18 but dread how you feel after? Tired of taking Advil on the first tee to get through the round? Do you have nagging low back pain that doesn’t allow you to swing like the pro you know you could be? Nagging golfer’s elbow? While some of these ailments are structurally related to a bad swing or poor stretching or fitness, most of these ailments are related to inflammation.

Did you know that Jordan Speith, Rickie Fowler, Zac Johnson, Padriag Harrington, Davis Love III are just a few of the golfers that use Whole Body Cryotherapy for recovery as part of their health regimen to stay at peak performance?

Reduced inflammation can mean reduced pain. Sometimes eating well and supplementing isn’t

enough. And, taking too much Advil is bad for your health! Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has

been used since the late 70’s to quickly and safely reduce systemic inflammation. WBC triggers

your body’s natural responses to trigger a vasoconstriction that rushes blood to your core and

then immediately after the treatment is complete, a powerful vasodilation occurs that pushes

oxygen and nutrient rich blood through your organs, tissues and extremities. This constriction

and dilation is your body’s way of eliminating toxins out of the tissue which reduces the

inflammation. There are many other powerful benefits of WBC. For more information check

out our benefits page .

We can’t promise you’ll shave strokes off of your score, but adding Restore Cryosauna into your

routine will help you to enjoy the game and feel better playing it!

We also now have Local Cryo at our Haverford office to spot treat specific areas of injury.

Consider 1 Whole Body treatment and a local to elevate and target the recovery.

Questions on whether or not the treatment is right for you or what the best protocol is for your

health goals? Call or email Dr. Gray. She is here to help!

So, world class golfers use cryotherapy to stay on top of their game, maybe you should give it a try!

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