Be Thankful For Your Health

As 2021 draws to a close and we survive yet another year navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, being thankful for your health should be an everyday reflection, not just one to reflect on at the Thanksgiving table. Before we know it it’ll be time to start making our new year’s resolutions to be more active, practice self-care, and more… but again these should be conscious and continuous parts of our everyday lives and not ones that are marked by holidays! 

Continue reading to learn how to be consciously thankful for your health by taking small steps in your everyday routine.

Work With What You Have!

It’s human nature for us to set goals and look forward to the future, but when it comes to your health you have to start with what you have right now

For athletes, that may mean giving the injury you’re dealing with the proper time to heal and recover versus jumping back into training.

For women going through menopause, that may mean learning how to manage hot flashes or mood swings with weekly cryotherapy sessions. 

For those dealing with headaches/migraines, it means finding the root of your pain versus relying on over-the-counter medications.

While the scenarios are endless and specific to each individual- the key takeaway should be not to simply make goals for the new year, but to start today! 

What Does “Healthier” Mean to You?

Setting goals is great, but setting attainable lifestyle changes is better! Be sure these changes are specific, transparent, and actually attainable

For instance, saying that you want to lose weight is one of the most common goals- especially around the new year- but what does your plan look like to “achieve it” and once you achieve it, then what? 

Taking one small step at a time that you can sustain long-term is most important. People can lose and gain weight throughout their entire lives, but it is when you look past the temporary results and commit to changing your lifestyle and everyday habits that real progress is made. Physical fitness aside, that mentality and commitment goes for any type of goal! Consciously making small steps and efforts will allow you to make great strides. 

In 2022, Restore will be focusing on bringing it back to the basics- because your health shouldn’t be a hardship! Some of the topics we’ll be focusing on with our clients include:

  • Alignment
  • Mental Health
  • Water/Hydration
  • Breathing
  • Nourishment/Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Mobility
  • Rest
  • Recreation
  • Family/Relationships
  • Community/Impact
  • Spirituality

Ready to practice gratitude for your health regularly? Get started with the Recover or Restore package today! 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to give our team a call at: (610) 341-9300. We are here to help you to achieve your health goals!

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