Seasonal Effective Disorder is REAL. It IS in Your Head!

How To Fight The Winter Blues Naturally

Sad woman.Season Affective Disorder is REAL.  SAD ranges from minor to debilitating symptoms such as extraordinary fatigue, over sleeping, social withdrawal, lack of energy, decreased interest in exercise or activity and appetite issues. Theories of the cause of SAD are mostly attributed to decreased sunlight.  Getting darker earlier can alter circadian rhythms, and lack of sunlight can cause the body to produce imbalances in neurotransmitters that affect mood creating depression and anxiety.

There are several studies documenting the effectiveness of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) in managing depression and anxiety.  During and after WBC, there are several systemic hormonal changes that occur.  In one study conducted, positive changes were documented after 15 treatments in three weeks. The participants reported that their depression/anxiety decreased by 52%!  Improved mood and a deeper feeling of relaxation were among the improvements reported.  The participants also reported that the positive effects lasted longer and longer with repeated use.

Infrared saunas can also provide benefits for people who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder.  WebMD has stated, “light therapy is an excellent treatment for SAD.” The infrared rays penetrate deep into your tissue to detoxify your body, promote healing at a cellular level, improve blood flow and warm up your core temperature.  Our infrared saunas also use chromotherapy as part of the treatment.  Our bodies need the sun’s light to live. And that light can actually be broken down into a seven color spectrum. An imbalance of any of those colors can manifest itself in physical and mental symptoms. Color therapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.

Color and light have been utilized by healers for thousands of years. Color therapy possibly has roots in Indian medicine (Ayurveda), ancient Egyptian culture, and traditional Chinese healing. Use our white light to increase vitamin D levels, green for restoration, or orange for energy!

For optimal results, I suggest you use both the Whole Body Cryotherapy and the Infrared Sauna.  Reboot your body first with the cryotherapy and then warm up, detox and experience the positive effects of the sun without the harmful rays in the Infrared.

Specific questions on the best protocols for you? I’m here to help. Please contact me at 610-341-9300.


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