Rich Maniskas

Client of the Month“I’ve seen a great improvement in my golf game.”

“As someone who has been athletic their entire life, I like to think that know my body very well. When I first starting doing cryo, I immediately noticed a difference.. Since beginning cryo in the spring of 2016, I’ve seen the great improvement in my golf game. Although I’ve played over the last 20 years, during these last 2 years I’ve dropped 6 strokes off of my handicap. The only difference has been adding cryo into my daily routine, which has allowed me to practice and play on a more regular basis due to a MUCH quicker recovery time between rounds. I can now easily play 4 days in a row and experience minimal soreness. The best advice I can offer is to just embrace the freeze- you can do anything for 3 minutes, and it’s so worth all of the benefits!

Rich Maniskas

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