How often Do I need to Do Compression?

boa-max-cryoWhen it comes to compression, there are several factors to keep in mind when answering this question. The main factor is WHY you are coming in. Do you have general aches and pains? Is your Lymphatic system congested? Do you have an Injury? Are you an athlete that needs improved performance and recovery? Are you preparing, or recovering from surgery? Do you want to reduce cellulite? Additionally, it is good to evaluate your lifestyle choices. Are you moving regularly? What is your diet like? Do you have a chronic lymphatic condition? Are you well hydrated? Certain lifestyle choices could be contributing to the reason that you are coming in.

If you are coming in to slim down before the summer, 3-4 weeks of 2-3 treatments per week should have you looking terrific! If you have a chronic health condition, you will need a more regular protocol. After 10-15 sessions 3 times per week, you should have the results and be in a much better state of health. From there you will be able progress into a maintenance routine.

For athletes in the middle of the season, consider using the compression after heavy workouts, or after a game, to speed up your recovery.

For those with a physical job where you are always suffering from heavy legs, making compression therapy a regular part of your health regime would be optimal.I personally use the compression on Thursday nights after my work week is finished.

If the reason you are coming in is chronic, or continuing, more sessions are generally required.

Compression can become part of your health maintenance routine no matter your health level.

  • High Health (active, consumes lots of water, eats healthy, good proactive health maintenance regimen) 1 per month is suggested.
  • Moderate Health (moderately active, drinks lots of water, eats healthily most of the times) 2 per month is suggested.
  • Moderate-low health (low activity, low water intake, eats moderately healthy) 3 times per month is suggested.
  • Low health (minimal to no exercise, low water intake, poor food intake) 4 times per month is suggested.

With compression therapy, it is best to take a day in between each visit to give your body time to process the treatment. As with all recommendations at Restore, it is best to consult with meto determine the best protocol for you. Remember, everyone’s health profile is different.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Gray

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