Patient of the Month Gets Relief From Burning Pain

“For the last 3 years, I was suffering from severe pain and burning in the left side of my tongue and scalp which wasn’t cured or understood by any doctor,” said Purva. Her life was severely impacted by the discomfort. Due to feeling so low because of the burning pain, she wasn’t able to cook for her kids on some days. “I used to feel terrible that I could not spend enough time with my family.”

Experiencing the Results of Natural Chiropractic

After coming in for care with Dr. Gray, Purva is delighted with the results she got.

“My burning pain has reduced significantly,” said Purva. She is now able to function normally and can live life again.

Getting Back to What She Loves in Life

As a result of her care at Restore, Purva has been able to cook again. She now feels like dressing up more, going out and talking to her friends more-all because she is pain-free. Purva’s advice for those considering care at our practice: “Please trust this practice. Dr. Gray is just amazing, absolutely no-nonsense. She knows what she is doing. I thank God every single day that I found Dr. Gray.”

Purva also advises patients to be patient, which is key during the first 5-6 weeks of care, because it’s worth it to get life-changing results.

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