Patient of the Month Avoids Sinus Surgery With Chiropractic

“Prior to meeting Dr. Gray, I was suffering severe sinus infections, up to six a year. I would be given medication or told I needed sinus surgery. I have tried using neti pots, nasal spray and other (upper) cervical (spine) care,

The Impact on Work, Workouts and Social Life

Janessa would always feel groggy with a bad headache and sinus pressure before any infection. This would affect her focus at work. “I would be short and lose patience easier than normal, and did not feel like myself.” She also would cancel plans because she’d rather stay in bed. “I also would skip workouts because the pressure would make it difficult to run or train. It would feel like life needed to be paused, but that can’t happen,” said Janessa.

Experiencing an Immediate Difference

When she first met Dr. Gray, Janessa was a little skeptical. “Another adjustment that I have had in the past would twist my neck and turn my entire body at various angles to adjust,” she said. When Dr. Gray told Janessa that she only needed to turn her head one way and adjust one spot, Janessa didn’t know if it would help.

“I began to notice a difference immediately. The challenge would be when I went from feeling good to feeling the pressure return again. Soon I came to realize that it was just my body adjusting to what was happening,” said Janessa, who enjoys the education Dr. Gray gives her.

Learning to Listen to Her Body

Janessa has learned how to listen to her body and know that when the pressure hits, she can avoid the infection. “All it takes is a visit with Dr. Gray and my body drains the congestion, and I can feel it healing itself,” she said.

Recently Janessa walked into the office, barely able to talk. The pressure in her sinuses was awful and she couldn’t sleep at night due to the congestion. “I was leaving in less than a week for a trip that I did not want to miss or be miserable with a cold,” she said. Dr. Gray adjusted Janessa that night. Immediately her sinus drained. By the next day, the pressure was gone, and the congestion lessened. Janessa was able to avoid a sinus infection and just had a minor cold that only lasted a few days.

Since her treatments with Dr. Gray began, Janessa hasn’t had a sinus infection. “I don’t cancel plans; I don’t get the headaches; and I sleep better. My concentration has improved. I don’t have to rely on medication,” Janessa said.

“Medication is not always the answer as the body is very powerful. Dr. Gray helps give me the tools that are needed,” she added.

Janessa’s Advice for Our New Patients

“Trust in the process. Ask questions and be honest about how you are feeling. Always sit and relax in the resting room after the visit,” she said. Janessa particularly loves sitting in the Zero Gravity chairs!

“Dr. Gray is exactly the person I needed to meet and I am so happy with my results and look forward to everything else I can learn from her,” said Janessa.

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