Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

Looking for the magic pill of youth?  Want to return to how you looked and felt in your 20’s in a day with no effort?  Good luck. We know that is silly and impossible.

I’ve been telling my patients lately that we all should have been paying attention to things like alignment and inflammation since we were 5 years old, but we think that we are invincible. Most of us don’t worry about our health and our body until something goes wrong, our body start to hurt, or we can’t physically do something we used to be able to do with ease.

Many people come in and ask me how many times that they will need to come in to see results.  Well, that depends.  It depends on the goals that you want to achieve and where you are when you start.   It’s just like exercise, training, eating right, or sleeping well. You can “win” at your health, but it takes more than one day, more than one thing.  If you want continue to use your body and want to enjoy a healthy quality of life, you need to commit to it. Invest in it.  You stop losing the right to complain about those aches and pains, or how you look or not being able to use your body the way that you want to use it if you aren’t taking the actions needed to take care of yourself.  YOU must decide that your health is important and you need to commit to actions daily to achieve the results you want to experience.

COMMIT.  Commit to a lifestyle. Commit to your health.  Commit to being proactive.  Don’t wait until something goes “wrong”.  You pay for it now or you pay for it later.

Fad diets and cleanses are great for a reset.  So are exercise challenges.  But, most of the time, these are impossible to maintain.  My challenge to you is to start taking the actions daily that you can sustain.  Change your lifestyle.  Stop chasing the magic answer.

At Restore, we endeavor to help you with this lifestyle.  We know that there isn’t a quick fix and you aren’t going to win at your health in one day with one thing.  We are committed to helping you to RESTORE your health and maintain it.

I am here to help you to figure out what makes the most sense for the lifestyle you are committed to. Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions are with health, ask us how we can support you getting there.  But, you need to take some responsibility and accountability.  Just COMMIT.  Visualize how great your life can be when you Restore your health.

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