You Can Be Warm In The Cryo!

But It’s Too Cold to Cryo?!

As we approach the winter season, we hear clients having a tough time mentally preparing to cryo. We often hear, “It’s too cold,” but do you really want to use that as an excuse to prevent yourself from feeling better?

Many of our clients, myself included, have noticed that the cold winter chill hasn’t bothered us for the last several years. That is because our body temperatures are more regulated, the inflammation is down, our circulation is vastly improved, and our metabolism is in high gear from the treatment! The cryo also really helps with leveling your mood, and decreasing anxiety and depression, which can be elevated as the darker hours approach.

Remember, only the surface of the skin gets cold, which “tricks” the body in to the physiological response that we want. It’s not actually altering your core temperature. Want to learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy? Click here!

Cryo improves circulation, thus keeping you warmer in the winter, making the cold less of a shock!

Here are some suggestions to get yourself warm before you go in!

1) Use your heated seats and turn up the heat in your car
2) Come right after a workout when your body is warm
3) Drink a cup of hot coffee, tea or water, or eat a bowl of soup to warm up from the inside out before you come in
4) Wear a hat and gloves
5) Sit in front of the space heater right before you go in (be careful about being fake warm when going back in for a second session, though!)
6) Jump on the trampoline that we have in the office as the machine is cooling down
7) Have a mantra, or think about how great you are going to feel after you do a session while you are in the cryo!
8) Take advantage of our winter offers!

$10 Cryo Sessions With Other Services!
With any massage, compression, infrared, or Advanced Therapeutics service, you can do a whole body cryo session for only $10! Do it before these services for 2 reasons: 1) Our therapists and I have found that reducing the inflammation before a treatment helps the treatment to be more effective, And 2) you can warm up on one of our heated tables, under a blanket, or in the infrared sauna! Think of the cryo as a reboot of your entire body. It’s going to flush the inflammatory proteins out of your system helping your joints to feel better, reduce aches and pains, help you to sleep better, reduce anxiety, and a whole host of other symptoms related to inflammation. Then, the other services are going to compliment the cryo with detoxification, movement, lymphatic therapy and more!

Any questions? Dr. Gray is always available for consultation and to answer any questions that you may have. Call 610-341-9300.

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