How Often Do I Need to Use the Infrared Sauna for Results?

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, there are several health factors to consider when answering this question.

The main factor is always WHY you are coming in. If you are exposed to a lot of toxins, have Lyme disease, have high blood pressure, experience general aches and pains, and want to regularly detox all of the heavy metals and environmental pollutants we are bombarded with daily, the infrared sauna is for you. Lifestyle also takes precedence when determining a course of action. Are you moving regularly? What is your diet like? Do you have a chronic lymphatic condition? Are you well hydrated? Consider whether you continue to do the things that are causing your reason for coming in.

Here are some general infrared sauna protocols:

infrared-imgDetoxification protocol: 2 to 3 times per week for 1 month.

Athletic performance protocol: 2 times per week for 3 weeks. Ongoing maintenance depends on your training schedule. Usage ranges from 2 times per week during peak training, to once a month during off-season.

Skin Rejuvenation Protocol: 3 times per week for 12 weeks.

Pain-and-inflammation protocol: 2 times per week for 6 weeks. If you have chronic pain, maintenance should be 1 time per week. If injury related, there is no need to return.

Weight-loss protocol: 3 times per week for 8 to 12 weeks.

Blood-pressure/heart health protocol: 2 to 3 times per week for 4 weeks.

Performance-care / cellular health protocol: 3 times per week for 4 to 6 weeks.

Maintenance for these protocols can vary from once a week for more intense needs to once a month, if doing other things to regularly detox (exercise, eating clean, sleeping well, low stress). For example, a Lyme disease patient is going to want to go in weekly for an extended period of time. Someone on a proactive wellness protocol may only want to use the infrared sauna weekly, or once per month.

If the reason you are coming in is chronic, or continuing, more sessions are generally needed.

With infrared sauna therapy, it is best to take a day in between each visit to give your body time to process the treatment. As with all recommendations at Restore, it is best to consult with me to help determine the best protocol for you. Remember, everyone’s health profile is different.

Yours In Health,
Dr. Gray

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