Here’s Hoping for a Healthy & Happy New Year

Last month, I lost three friends that I admired and adored. They all lit up a room. They seemed so full of life. I always left their company feeling energized and inspired to do more. These individuals lived life to its fullest potential without fear. And now they’re gone. None of these deaths were COVID-related, but that is irrelevant. We have all suffered so much loss and heartache in 2020. We’re all hoping for a brighter 2021..

Through these painful losses, I have realized that my mission of helping people to live a healthy and full life while they’re here is now stronger than ever. I know for sure that I want to feel great and be healthy so that I can make the most of the time that I have instead of managing sickness and being limited in the activities and experiences that I love to enjoy. Being sick and in pain is not an inevitable part of aging.

Aim to Be a Little Better Each Day

Often, people become overwhelmed at trying to make a lot of changes to their health and usually it’s in response to an illness or injury. Our health and wellbeing is too easy to ignore when we feel good, isn’t it? People turn to a recent fad diet or exercise program that might work great for a few weeks or months, but it’s not normal and sustainable. After a few months, these individuals revert to bad habits and usually lose ground because it’s just too hard to maintain and there is no enjoyment.

What has always worked for me is adding in and doing it slowly. Nothing dramatic and taking nothing away. Instead of deciding I’m not going to eat sugar for a month, I just add in other things that will make me feel better and if after I eat those things I still want sugar, then I have it. But guess what happens? Normally I don’t even think about the sugar. If I decide I’m not going to eat sugar without a plan in place to replace it, all I can think about is eating sugar. It’s the saying of don’t think about the pink elephant, right?

Consider just making small changes every day and see where you land. Just start drinking more water until that becomes normal. Maybe start moving for 15 minutes every day instead of trying to commit to a full hour at the gym every day.

Recently, I was listening to the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard and Tom Brady. Tom has had an unbelievable streak of longevity and success in the NFL. His goal every day is just to be a little bit better than yesterday. Look where he is now! He has slowly, over his long career, sought constant small improvements-every day. And if he has a down day, he just gets back to just be better than yesterday.

You don’t have to try to change the entire world on January 1. It’s fine to do a reset for 30 days or kick your new exercise plan off with a challenge, but have a plan for after the 30 days that you can continue!

At our practice, what I’m trying to do is help you find sustainable health and longevity plans by adding on and making small changes. Just take one step today. And then another tomorrow. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

I think you will be surprised at where you land at the end of 2021.

Helping to Restore Your Health

At Restore, my mission has always been to restore your health and then to keep it. Does it take some work? Yes. But you would be surprised how much easier it is when you are just making small improvements every day. If you’re looking to make this year the year that you change those habits, please let me know what we can do to be of assistance. I’m always available via phone at (610) 341-9300 or email drgray@restorecryosauna.com to answer your questions and help you to make a plan.But in 2021 drink the wine, take the trip, invest in yourself or just do nothing and enjoy it. Life is so short; let’s make the most of it while we’re here!

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