About Dr. Danielle Gray

About Dr. Danielle Gray

doctor danielle gray

Dr. Danielle Gray

Dr. Gray and her team are passionate about helping individuals become realigned with their healthier, more active selves.

A magna cum laude graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, she brings a unique perspective to her practice, one that her patients can relate to: the discomfort of living with chronic pain.

Weeks after a surfing injury, Dr. Gray had a sudden onset of numbness and tingling on the entire left side of her body, along with nearly-debilitating neck pain. After going from test to test, which left her with no answers and no relief, she opened her mind to visiting a chiropractor, something she’d been skeptical about. Within two weeks of beginning treatment, her symptoms were gone. Fascinated by these results and frustrated that the medical professionals she consulted with never suggested chiropractic care, Dr. Gray set on a course to help others avoid a similar outcome.

Without looking back, she left a satisfying career as a software consultant to become a chiropractor. In tribute to the techniques that led to her recovery, Dr. Gray chose to concentrate on Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care, which focuses on restoring the nervous system’s function through proper balance and alignment of the spine.

Dr. Gray always believes that chiropractic is the base and foundation of health, but due to the physical and mental demands of today’s world, more is needed. As the needs of our patients have evolved, so has Restore. Dr. Gray is constantly observing patient outcomes and always looking to restore and improve her patient’s overall health status. In 2014 Dr. Gray began to notice that inflammation was preventing several of her patients from achieving optimal results. After observing that supplements, diet and stress management weren’t always enough, she discovered Whole Body Cryotherapy and immediately took action to be able to offer this service to the Waynye community. This was the beginning of next level services and the start of Restore Cryosauna.