Can Heat Help Your Immune System?

At Restore, we’re fascinated by the capacity of the human body to heal and repair dysfunction and dis-ease. But there’s one big problem that often gets in its way—stress.

Stress is the biggest road block to optimum human function and can manifest in the human body in many ways—physically, chemically and emotionally. Inflammation is the product of this assault. The body’s inability to process and detox the harsh environmental pollutants, heavy metals and toxins generated from stress create the dysfunction that we experience as symptoms.

As stress builds over time, this can weaken our immune system and lead to us getting sicker more often.

Don’t worry—we’ve got good news. At our practice, we love to find ways to ‘biohack’ our natural systems and improve function, efficiently and safely. Biohacking involves fighting stress of the mind, body and environment, allowing us to have more energy, focus and heightened immune systems.

Infrared Sauna at Restore Health & Longevity Center

Our infrared sauna is the perfect complement to whole body and local cryotherapy that we offer and has tremendous health benefits as a stand-alone treatment as well—including detoxification. When you’re able to remove toxins from your body, stress is lowered.

Sunlighten saunas can boost immunity to help protect from viruses, by:

  • Raising the body’s core temperature to create a false fever
  • Stimulating immune function and makes the body less habitable for pathogens to fight off viruses
  • Stimulating white blood cells and increases antibodies against germs by increasing cellular energy
  • A build-up of toxins can lead to a host of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxic substances helps to relieve symptoms and overall health ecosystem

How It Works

Unlike a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna uses infrared light to heat your body directly—there won’t be any steam in this session. Our infrared sauna generates up to seven times more sweat than a regular sauna, with nearly 20% of the sweat released containing toxins—in a traditional sauna, it’s just 3%.

During a session, you’ll sit in the sauna and relax by yourself as the temperature rises. Don’t worry—because your body is heated directly, you won’t notice any trouble breathing as the air around you won’t be ‘muggy’. Some of our patients who’ve tried the treatment compare it to sunbathing—you’ll experience a rise in your core body temperature over the 60-minute session, without the harmful effects of UV light from the sun.

What Should I Wear?

We’ll provide towels—you should bring a sports bra and shorts or a bathing suit. The more exposure that you have, the better sweat you’ll break. We suggest beginning with a couple of twenty-minute sessions before increasing your length of time.

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