There’s No Fear Here. Take Your Power Back!

As we begin the return to “normal” life, I want to address the fear and lack of power felt when it comes to our physical selves. This post, nor any future posts, will address COVID-19, or what has happened over the last several months. What we will discuss are the things that YOU can do to move forward and take control of your health without fear.


You are in control of making proactive choices to maintain your neurological, immune and emotional well-being. A fundamental piece of maintaining good health is reinforcing the immune system. Your immune system is your front line of defense against invaders; it is the system that protects you from sickness. Your immune system can be weakened by, a worn down nervous system, inflammation, stress (which causes inflammation), poor nutrition, decreased mobility and movement, inadequate sleep, and lack of social interaction. The main key to reinforcing your immune system continues to be Upper Cervical Chiropractic. When you are in proper alignment, your body requires less energy to function optimally. Eliminating interference at the brainstem restores neurological health and strengthens the immune system. Immune means protected, and if you are healthy and have a strong immune system, your body can fight to protect itself, and win!


Additionally, you should always practice good hygiene, and use common sense during interactions with others, and teach your kids how to do the same! You are in control of strengthening the force of your defense system, so live with confidence! Don’t worry about what someone else is doing. This just creates stress, which weakens your immune system. If you are taking care of your body and your personal space, you are on the right track. Do you always escape without symptoms? No, but this is also what helps you to get well again. This is your immune system in action. We are supposed to be exposed to a large variety of bacteria, viruses and other germs on a daily basis to keep our immune systems strong. Don’t be reactive. Be proactive and in control. When your immune system is strong you will win!

My purpose has always been to help others restore and maintain good health, but I’ve had time to sit and think over the last few months, and I want to do more as we move forward in this new world. I want to help others take control of their well-being and restore their health, and I also want to increase their length and quality of life. That is why I am proud to introduce to you, Restore Health and Longevity Center. At Restore, our goal is to help others restore and maintain a true state of health, to their highest potential, in a state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being over the course of their life.

Over the next several months we will be fully launching the Restore Health and Longevity Program for a select group of individuals who are willing to take their health to the next level. We will address topics that are necessary to restoring and maintaining your health physically, neurologically and emotionally. For example, we will discuss how to build a strong immune system and a strong physical body, not just muscle. We will also offer the same information in regular blog posts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at drgray@restorechiropractic.com or call at 610-341-9300.

I am available for private discussions and guidance.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Gray


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