10 Years of Restoration

It’s hard to believe that we have been serving the community for 10 years! From the start 11 years ago with house calls, to the tiny office across the street, and then literally rolling our furniture across Lancaster Avenue 6 years ago- what a ride it’s been! 

When I first decided to return to school to become a Chiropractor to help others, never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how much I would receive. I had my own health problems and no one told me that a Chiropractor might be able to help. I needed to do something to work to change the perception of Chiropractic care and to encourage all medical practitioners to work together to help others.  My mission is to continue to learn and grow and find what will help  people restore their health and thrive- one person at a time.  

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It has been my privilege to participate in the lives of so many people. My greatest joy has been the stories of the impacts to not just the person, but the ripple effects as well.  I’ll always remember the day a mom came in to tell me that she was finally able to go outside and play with her children. And when a young woman that suffered from daily migraines for more than 20 years told me she didn’t have a headache in between visits! (She is now completely headache free). Even seemingly small things like being able to drive two hours without back pain mean so much. Eliminating this pain and stress allows people to focus on their lives and to just get through the day a little easier. I have such gratitude for these daily celebrations!

I’m so excited about the next 10 years. It IS possible to be well and to feel well.  Age is just a number, not an excuse.  Just because someone else told you there is nothing they can do, there isn’t anything wrong with you, medication or surgery is the only or you are just doing to have to live with it—don’t settle for that.  Your body is amazing and your capacity to live pain free and thrive is there.  You just have to work at it a little bit.

To all of you that have supported me and encouraged me over the last 10 years- Thank you.  To my patients, thank you for the trust and thank you for the honor of helping you to Restore your health.

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